'Doc' and 'Cannon' inducted into the AFL Masters Hall-of-Fame


It is with great pleasure AFL Masters Hall of Fame inducts from Victoria Country – Wayne “Cannon “Hall

- Cannon first played Superules in the late 1990’s with the Kerang / Swan Hill Super rules club
- He has also been President, Recruiting Officer, Selector, Coach and Umpire with Kerang Swan Hill Superules
- Cannon won the league B&F in 1990 & has also won 3 club B&Fs
- He first played at a National Carnival on the Gold Coast in 2001. He is now playing his 19th consecutive carnival here in Townsville
- Cannon was President of Kerang Swan Hill Master between 2004 – 2008
- Vic Country Vice President 2008 – 2011
- Vic Country President 2011 – 2017 and remains on the VC board to date
- Cannon represented Vic Country at National board meetings for 8 years
- He was also the Host President of the 2017 National Carnival in Geelong, which to date has been our single biggest National Carnival with 52 teams
- Cannon continues to umpire at a senior level in the Golden Rivers League
- Cannon’s has been a long serving advocate and promoter of AFL Masters footie as he continues his journey

Wayne “Cannon” Hall – Welcome to the AFL Masters National “Hall of Fame

It is with great pleasure AFL Masters Hall of Fame inducts from Victoria Metro – Doc Joe Juhasz

- Doc Joe originally had quite a few Superules footballers as patients, and they began trying to recruit him to help around their Club. Finally they succeeded in getting him to training, and a great association with AFL Masters had begun.
- Doc Joe joined Vic Metro in 1996, and has played over 200 games at his Club, Diamond Valley Superules.
- He was elected to the Vic Metro Board in 2007 and still serves
- He has been Club Doctor at Diamond Valley since 1996.
- Doc Joe has attended 15 Carnivals and has been both Carnival and Vic Metro Doctor for all of them.
- Doc Joe has been instrumental in the introduction of De Fib machines into Masters AFL, and there is evidence that several lives have been saved because of this.
- Vic Metro Carnival players have had the good fortune to have Doc Joe amongst their ranks, and he has personally helped a great number of Teammates improve their Health and avoid potentially serious Medical issues.
- Doc Joe was the architect of the Vic Metro Constitution, He spent countless hours researching to create the final document. He is still the leading Authority on Constitutional matters within Vic Metro AFL Masters
- Typical of most men in a trade, Doc Joe hasn’t been able to get his own body up to scratch this year, he has been too busy looking after everybody else, However we all hope to have him back on the paddock next year

Doc Joe – Welcome to the AFL Masters National “Hall of Fame"

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