Ross McGorman and Ollie Matthews - Legends of AFL Masters


It is with great pleasure AFL Masters Legends inducts from Northern Territory – Ross McGorman

- Rosco first joined AFL Master or as it was then called Superules in 1986. He also attended his first National carnival the same year
- Rosco has attended a whooping 31 National carnivals and 12 Bali nines carnivals, in which he has been organiser and coach
- Rosco has served as Northern Territory Vice President as well as a long serving committee member
- Rosco received National Hall of Fame in 2009
. He has been awarded all Australian a total of four times over the journey
- Rosco won the longest drop kick competition at the National carnival on two occasions
. They tell me Rosco is a true gentleman and is the funniest man in the Territory – that is, after Kim Cowan apparently
- Rosco recently found one kidney was not so good and it had to come out. That was two months ago and Rosco “Crash” McGorman is now attending his 31st carnival

Rosco – Welcome to the AFL Masters ‘LEGENDS’

It is with great pleasure AFL Masters Legends inducts Ollie Matthews from Victoria

- Ollie first joined Superules in 1984 with the Sunbury Superules club and is a foundation member of the Club.
- Ollie attended his first national carnival 1984
- This will be his 33rd National Carnival, only having missed 3 Carnival since 1984
- Ollie was inducted into Hall of Fame in 2004, and was an All Australian in 2015
- He has played with both Vic Country and Vic Metro, and had a brief stint as treasurer of Vic Country
- Ollie been a Vic Country Coach and player over many years, and has been an umpire for numerous Carnivals in both central and goal umpiring duties
- Current President of Riddell District Football League and has been for 18 years
- Ollie played 200-plus games with Craigieburn
- Ollie turned 70 in April of this year, and in June 2019 umpired his 1500th game. He holds the games record for the Riddell umpires association

Ollie Matthews – - Welcome to the AFL Masters ‘LEGENDS’

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